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Company Builds Hobbit Houses And You Can Actually Live There


How awesome would it be to live in Middle-earth?

If your dream is to live in a Hobbit-hole, it may just come true for you. Green Magic Homes have designed eco-friendly Hobbit-holes.


These homes are designed to be part of the landscape, and once they are built, their roofs can be covered in grass for a roof-top garden.


You will even have the ability to grow your own produce on the top of your house. All you need is a plot of land and some friends to help you assemble it, and voila!, you have a Hobbit-hole.

The smallest of the one-bedroom pods are 400 square foot and will only take three days to assemble. It has an open space plan that includes a master bedroom with en-suite and a diner/kitchen/lounge.


Built from prefabricated shells, these homes are waterproofed and able to withstand high winds. However, they are not designed to withstand a Nazgul attack.12

They cost to have one of these is just £10,000 ($15,000). If you wish to have a larger Hobbit-hole, around 2,000 square foot, it will run you about £45,000 ($67,500).

Incredibly, they just cost £10,000. So probably £500,000 cheaper than that crappy bedsit n’ all, especially with the current London housing climate.


Geeks and LARPers alike can now rejoice in knowing the fact that Hobbit-holes not only exist but are affordable!